Case Report

A Rare case of synchronous primary malignancies of gall bladder and ovary

Ridhi Narang*, T Das, M Dagar, M Srivastava, S Bhalla and I Ganguli

Published: 06 September, 2018 | Volume 1 - Issue 2 | Pages: 052-055

A malignant tumor has the capacity to grow rapidly and to metastasize to the other parts of the body. Ovary has been a common organ for secondaries caused by hematological spread of the tumor and exhibits the same histopathology as that of the primary tumor.

Very rarely, it has been found that the patients suffer from two or more histologically distinct, simultaneously detected malignancies, which are called as synchronous tumors or multiple primaries [1]. These multiple primaries can have an impact on cancer treatment (e.g., surgery) and affect the overall prognosis of the patient. Although there is no consensus on the definition of synchronous cancer, commonly two or more primary tumors that occur in a patient closely with respect to the time interval are termed as synchronous tumors [2].

Simultaneous diagnosis of gall bladder carcinoma with ovarian carcinoma with distinct histopathology is rare. A very few cases have been reported so far in literature. We discuss here a rare case that presented with synchronous tumor of gall bladder and the ovary.

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