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Second Stage of Labor Cesarean Section Maternal and Fetal Outcomes

Ahazeej Gurashi, Ameer Osman, Hajar Suliman, Ayat Eltigani, Isra Siralkatim, Hamza Orfali and Awadalla Abdelwahid Suliman*

Published: 26 February, 2024 | Volume 7 - Issue 1 | Pages: 025-033

Background: Cesarean section at the second stage of labor occurs when the mother requires delivery with full dilatation of the cervix by cesarean section (CS), which poses a risk to the mother and fetus.
Purpose: To study the maternal and fetal outcomes of second-stage cesarean section. 
Methods: This comparative study was conducted at Alhasahisa Teaching Hospital from August 2021 to January 2022. The study sample comprised 226 women who fulfilled the inclusion criteria, including 113 who delivered by second-stage cesarean section and 113 who delivered by first-stage labor cesarean section as controls. Data were collected using a questionnaire filled out by doctors after informed consent was obtained. 
Results: The common indications in women who delivered via second-stage cesarean section were fetal distress in 62(51.9%), obstructed labor in 26(23%), and failure to progress in 25(22.1%). In women who underwent first-stage cesarean section, the common indications were failure to progress in 85(75.2%), fetal distress in 16(14.2%), and chorioamnionitis in 12(10.6%) (p < 0.05).  
The reported maternal complications in women who underwent second-stage cesarean section were postpartum hemorrhage in 34(30.1%), sepsis in 11(9.7%), prolonged labor in eight (7.1%), extended tears in four (3.5%), umbilical cord prolapse in three (2.7%), and episiotomy in three (2.7%). 
The admission to the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) and the causes of admission were 
more common among the babies of the women delivered by second-stage cesarean section than the babies of the women delivered by first-stage cesarean section (p value < 0.05). 
Maternal complications in women who underwent second-stage cesarean section included postpartum hemorrhage in 34(30.1%), sepsis in 11(9.7%), prolonged labor in 8(7.1%), uterine extension in 4(3.5%), umbilical cord prolapse in 3(2.7%), and episiotomy in 3(2.7%) (p < 0.05).
Conclusion: Second-stage labor cesarean section showed more complications of postpartum hemorrhage, sepsis, and extended tears, as well as more fetal complications, such as admission to the neonatal intensive care unit, fresh stillbirths, low Apgar scores, and birth asphyxia.

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Second stage; Labor; Cesarean section; Maternal; Fetal; Outcome


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